Your drill rig is your money-maker - the key to your success. But it can't do it alone. You need to invest in more than just the drill rig to be successful in the drilling business. Let's take a look at a few of the rig support vehicles designed to help you maintain maximum productivity and efficiency on your projects.

Custom-built Units

Rose-Wall Mfg. Inc., Greenfield, Ind., designs and fabricates custom-built rig support vehicles for water well and environmental well drillers. Some standard features include 1/4-inch tread plate deck; four center stakes to divide the deck load; 1/4-inch plate construction; left and right side-front vertical tool cabinets; fuel transfer pump and hose; and water level gauge. Different types of cranes, water transfer pumps, winches, welders/generators, as well as other optional equipment, may be added to the vehicle.

Rig Tender System

There are more than 40 standard model RTT-Rig Tenders and RST-Rig Suppliers from Flatwater Fleet, Saginaw, Minn. The system is comprised of a baffled waterbed that also serves as a platform to carry tools and supplies to the drill site; mobile fueling capability, complete with fuel tank, level gauge, transfer pump, hose and nozzle; and cabinets to help keep tools and other equipment dry. Various optional features allow you to customize the tenders to meet your specific needs.

Specially Specified Tenders

Rig tenders from Amthor Inc., Walden, N.Y., are built with vee-type spring-loaded tie downs, designed to allow body flotation without forward or lateral movement. The company will customize your system, letting you to choose from an assortment of heavy-duty cranes and winches. Each top-mounted crane installation utilizes a raised pedestal system, internally bridged to the body framing and baffles, to help increase strength. The top of the vessel under the crane installation is padded with thick steel to promote even distribution of stresses throughout the entire body, not just the lid.