We hope this information helps you find a drill rig that's a perfect fit for your operation.

We understand that purchasing a drill rig is a big investment. You want to make sure you get a machine that best fits your needs, so it's essential that you do some heavy-duty research before you make your purchase. To assist you with this task, we've assembled a listing of rigs from some of the leading manufacturers in the industry. We hope this information helps you find a rig that is a perfect fit for your operation. Happy hunting!


Headquartered in Woodcliff Lake, N.J., Ingersoll-Rand offers the ECM-660, a hydraulic crawler drill that has the capability to produce 3- to 4.5-inch holes to depths of 84 feet. The drill utilizes IR Montabert HC-120R hydraulic drifter and Strata-Sense progressive drilling automatics, technology created to help maximize hole quality and accessory life. Rebound energy is captured and utilized to match the drifter's blow energy to rock hardness, helping to prevent heat build up in drilling accessories that can lead to premature failure. The high visibility ROPS/FOPS cab is said to enhance operator productivity with comfort, joystick drilling controls and automated rod changing functions.

Geoprobe Systems

Geoprobe Systems, Salina, Kan., presents Model 66DT, a compact unit designed to get you to get in to confined spaces. Because the weight of the unit is evenly distributed over both tracks, the 66DT can maneuver through shallow water, soft sands or muddy fields. The 66DT packs 46,000 pounds of pull to retrieve tooling from deep below the surface. The two-speed probe cylinder cycles from top to bottom in less than five seconds, and the machine is equipped with Geoprobe's GH60 hydraulic hammer with 560 foot-pounds of torque. Other features include a detachable probe foot, built-in tool storage areas and an optional remote track controller.

Boart Longyear Co.

The Rover from Boart Longyear Co., Indianapolis, is intended to perform geotechnical and environmental drilling jobs at remote sites. The Rover is compact and rugged - generating 5,000 pounds of torque at the spindle. It is designed to turn 4-inch hollow stem augers with ease. The Rover is extremely portable, able to travel rough and varied terrain, and can be transported via a dual-wheel tandem axle trailer.

DeepRock Manufacturing Co.

DeepRock Manufacturing Co.'s DR 3K environmental drill can be mounted to truck or trailer with PTO or deck engine powered. The Opelika, Ala.-based company offers four models and torques to choose from: 2K with 24,000 inch-pounds of torque; 3K with 36,0000 inch-pounds of torque; 5K with 60,000 inch-pounds of torque; and 10K with 120,000 inch-pounds of torque. It is available with many options, including mud pumps, grout pumps, sampling systems and more.

Versa-Drill International Inc.

Versa-Drill International Inc., Indianapolis, offers its Versa-Sonic Drill, a subsurface investigation rig for environmental projects, water resource projects and mineral/aggregate explorations. The Versa-Sonic has a specially designed hydraulically powered drill head or oscillator, which generates adjustable high frequency vibrational and rotational motion to advance the cutting edge of the sonic drill bit. Versa-Sonic is designed to obtain large diameter, relatively undisturbed core samples of almost any overburden formation without the use of air, fluid or additives. The company also builds a complete line of water well drills.

Central Mine Equipment Co.

The CME-55 from Central Mine Equipment, Co., Earth City, Mo., features 28,275 pounds of retract and 18,670 pounds of down pressure. Standard torque is 7,800 foot-pounds. A high-torque model also is available, providing up to 9,800 foot-pounds of rotary torque. Standard features include split slide bushings, a clutch lockout system and an advanced safety shutdown system. The CME-55 is available mounted on single or tandem axle trucks with two- or four-wheel drive. It also is available on the CME-300 remote controlled tracked carrier.

Gus Pech Manufacturing Co.

The Mite-E-Mite Series drills from Gus Pech Manufacturing Co., LeMars, Iowa, are combination drill rigs with high-torque tophead used for inside, as well as outside environmental and geotechnical drilling. The Mite-E-Mite Series is small, light and compact, making it useful in the tight and confined areas that are sometimes encountered. These drill rigs may be mounted on skids, casters, trailer, light truck, ATV and/or low profile self propelled carrier. Mite-E-Mite Series drills have top head torque options up to 7,500 foot-pounds, coring rpm options up to 560 rpm, minimum transport width of 54-inches on casters or skid, and optional tower lengths and strokes to fit your ceiling height requirements.

Diedrich Drill Inc.

Diedrich Drill Inc., LaPorte, Ind., offers the D-50 Radio Remote Control Hydrostatic Rubber Track Carrier. The rig has more than 3,400 square inches of rubber track in contact with the ground, which, carrying a D-50 drill rig, yields a ground pressure of less than 3.5 psi. Its hydraulic drive, 3 mph speed, and responsive controls are said to make it a safe and productive track unit.

Schramm Inc

The Schramm Inc., West Chester, Pa., T450WS Rota-drill's compact design fits lightweight, diesel-powered tandem axle trucks or can be track-mounted. Its high capacity air compressor comes standard with 850 cfm at 350 psi with clutch. A re-liable fuel-efficient deck engine powers the compressor and hydraulic system. Top head drive is available with floating sub and off-hole slide. The rig is equipped with a loading sensing open-loop hydraulic system for ease of operation and fuel savings. The top head is outside the mast for easy borehole access can slide off-hole. The wheelbase is set at 188 inches for tight turning capabilities. This rig can be equipped with a variety of optional accessories.

DeepRock Manufacturing Co.

DeepRock Manufacturing Co., Opelika, Ala., offers the DR 240 water well drill on a tandem truck. This rig is PTO powered with split drive shaft power transfer case or deck engine. It has 60,000 inch-pounds tophead torque, 20,000 pounds pullback and many mud and air options.

AMS Inc.

With the same direct push capability as the other PowerProbes in its family, the PowerProbe 9600-Pro Series from AMS Inc., American Falls, Idaho, has 5,000 foot-pounds of auger torque. The 5,000 foot-pounds auger head is designed to assist you in setting larger and deeper monitoring wells. The 9600-Pro can use the full line of AMS direct push and hollow stem tooling with ease, and it comes standard with the Deluxe Auger Control Panel.

Versa-Drill International Inc.

Versa-Drill International Inc., Indianapolis, manufactures a complete line of water well drills, designed for both air and mud applications. Recently, the company announced its new Advantage V-2000 model, featuring a design and engineering package that includes patented and innovative features. Some of the drill's features include a totally automated drill pipe handling and storage system; direct-coupled cylinder feed system (80,000 pound pullback); low-profile, lightweight, compact drill design on a 6 by 6 carrier. Versa-Drill also offers two other water well models: V-100 and the V1000X.

Foremost Mobile

Foremost Mobile, Indianapolis, presents the B-58 environmental/geotechnical drilling rigs, providing mechanical drive with finesse. Clark power-shift model 18000 heavy-duty transmission with six speeds forward and six speeds reverse - with no clutch - for shift-on-the-fly rotary power. The rigs offer 13,500 foot-pounds spindle torque and 700 rpm. Lower maintenance costs translate into less downtime and higher utilization.

Acker Drill Co.

Acker Drill Co., Scranton, Pa., presents the AD II - a truck-, trailer- and all-terrain-mountable eight-speed mechanical rotary drill. Its applications include auger drilling, soil sampling, core drilling, grout holes and explorations. The AD II features include augers to 250 feet, soil core drills to 1,500 feet, 6,725 foot-pounds torque, 15,900 pounds downward thrust, 21,200 pounds upward pull and 6-foot feed.

Gus Pech Manufacturing Co.

The all-hydraulic/ hydrostatic Brat Series rigs from Gus Pech Manufacturing Co., Le Mars, Iowa, including the GP-1100R Brat rotary drill, are designed to be responsive and easy to operate. These drill rigs satisfy a wide-range of drilling requirements, with torques up to 13,000 foot-pounds and speeds up to 200 rpm. They also have strokes up to 26 feet and pullback up to 32,637 pounds, with centrifugal or piston mud pumps, with air compressors up to 500-cfm/200 psi.


Ingersoll-Rand, headquartered in Woodcliff Lake, N.J., offers the T3W water well drill, a hydraulic drive drill used for water well applications. It can be used as a rotary, downhole hammer and mud drill. The T3W can handle 16 inches of diameter casing, and owners also have the option of a large pull back derrick that permits 20 inch diameter casing to be used. The T3W drill's hydraulic system and function-zoned console are designed to boost its productivity and ease of operation.

Driltech Mission

New from Driltech Mission, Alachua, Fla., is the Drilmaster 2000. PTO driven by a heavy-duty oil-flooded pump drive gear case with direct coupling to all hydraulic pumps powers the drill. The Drilmaster 2000 is designed for drilling water wells with 20-to 25-feet drill pipes to depths of 1,500 feet. The hydraulic top drive drill can be used for air, mud or down-the-hole drilling applications. The 2000 is a highly mobile rig with pullback rated at 36,000 pounds and pulldown at 24,000 pounds. The drill can carry 300 feet of 4.5-inch by 20-feet drill pipe on board and features a retractable drill table with 25-inch opening for setting up to 24-inches OD well casing. At 49,000 pounds operating weight, this drilling machine is designed to go over the road without special permitting.