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George E. Failing Co. (GEFCO)

The SpeedStar 30K top drive drill from the George E. Failing Co. (GEFCO), Enid, Okla., has the following specifications: 1,000 cfm/350 psi; 5833 foot-pounds torque tophead, retractable; 30,000 pounds pullback; 32,000 pounds winch (two-part); 25,000 pounds pulldown; and a 29-foot stroke. The 30K has equipment options to handle several types of drilling methods in unconsolidated or hard rock formations. Customize the 30K with a variety of truck, power train, air compressor and production-boosting options, including casing hammer packages and selected mud pumps. The 30K also is available with helical gear, pressurized oil lubrication and oil-cooled power gear transfer, or with a deck-mounted diesel engine.

Schramm Inc.

The T300M Rotadrill from Schramm Inc., West Chester, Pa., is a compact, maneuverable, top head drive, truck-mounted drill rig designed to drill up to 12-inch diameter holes using mud rotary methods with rig-mounted mud pumps and hollow stem augers, air rotary and DTH hammer techniques using remote located air compressors. The truck engine provides reliable power for all hydraulic, mud and air systems. Separate drill rig sub-frame design permits stable mounting on standard trucks, as well as on various other trucks and special purpose vehicles.

DeepRock Manufacturing Co.

DeepRock Manufacturing Co., Opelika, Ala., presents the DR150 top head rotary drill on a Ford F550 (2 or 4WD). It has many features, including PTO powered with split drive shaft power transfer case that allows full truck engine horsepower to power rig hydraulics, 60,000 inch-pounds tophead torque, and optional 125/125 development air. It is now available with Rupe 250 gpm 400 psi piston and mud pump. It has a maximum 17,500 Gross Vehicle Weight rating. Many other options are available to fit your specific needs.

TT Technologies

The Grundodrill 10X from TT Technologies, Aurora, Ill., is a combination hydraulic/percussive steerable drilling system designed to install pipe or conduit beneath rail, river, and major highway crossings in difficult soils. The 10X provides 27,600 pounds of thrust and 22,045 pounds of pullback. The Grundodrill 10X is designed to be able to steer in difficult soil conditions due to its percussive hammer action. The on-demand percussive action is variable, up to 1,000 strokes per minute, and can be set to match the soil conditions. The track-mounted Grundodrill 10X is one in full line of the company's percussion directional drills.

REICHdrill Inc.

REICHdrill Inc., Philipsburg, Pa., announces the introduction of a new water well drill - T-600-WII. This water well drill is light and easily maneuvered. The 2001 Model T-600-WII weighs a little over 40,000 pounds and is designed to incorporate the latest technology in hydraulic rotary tophead drilling to help provide rapid and efficient water well drilling. This machine has rotary and hammer capability, as well as mud drilling options.

Taylor Rigs Inc.

The Aqua Tech Series from Taylor Rigs Inc., Tulsa, Okla., is a completely new line of top drive and table drive drilling rigs. Each Aqua Tech rig is custom-designed to meet the customer's specific requirements. This new line of drill rigs takes advantage of the latest in drilling technology, while remaining simple to operate and maintain.

Foremost Industries Inc.

The DR-40 dual rotary drill from Foremost Industries Inc., Calgary, Alberta, is the company's largest DR model and is capable of handling casing up to 40 inches in diameter. The DR-40 is said to do well in large diameter construction and municipal water well drilling. Standard equipment includes a Cummins 600-hp deck engine and Sullair 1150/350 compressor. This rig is capable of 21,884 foot-pounds or torque with rotation speed from 0-46 rpm. It has a 20 gpm capacity with pressure at 600 psi. A closed-loop hydrostatic system is used for the lower drive. Fixed displacement pumps are used for all other hydraulic systems. There are many PTO, deck engine, compressor, top drive and hoist system configurations available for each DR Series drill.

Gus Pech Manufacturing Co.

Gus Pech Manufacturing Co., Le Mars, Iowa, went all-hydraulic with the bucket drill in 1972, and now, these versatile drill rigs are said to be ideal for putting down construction holes, pier and belled footing holes, caisson work, dewatering systems, environmental soil testing and recovery, mineral exploration, oil field ratholes, building elevator jackholes, water storage, methane gas recovery, as well as large diameter shallow water wells. The HDH-51 Super George bucket drill has a 51-inch diameter turntable with torque of 41,000 foot-pounds, 150-foot telescopic Kelly system with 4-inch square center bar, and many optional features.

Vermeer Manufacturing Co.

Vermeer Manufacturing Co., Pella, Iowa, has introduced the new D80x120 NAVIGATOR horizontal directional drilling machine to its full line of trenchless systems. The D80x120 is the largest Vermeer NAVIGATOR HDD, and it marks the first entry of a rack and pinion drive system into the company's bigger rigs. The D80x120's rack and pinion design is said to provide smoother operation and help to maintain a narrow rack profile. The rack is sectionalized and bolts on for easy maintenance. The D80x120 is capable of delivering 12,000 foot-pounds of torque and 80,000 pounds of pullback. This combination is designed to allow for drilling in more adverse ground conditions and to provide sufficient pullback for longer, heavier product. The D80x120 HDD is engineered to provide high mudflow with a 200 on-board pump for increased backreaming efficiency and powering down hole mud motors.


Headquartered in Woodcliff Lake, N.J., Ingersoll-Rand presents the RD20 Deephole Drill, a self-contained, mobile rig that is used for large diameter deep well drilling. This rig is designed to help reduce the overall cost of a drilling operation by eliminating transportation time, requiring a smaller operating crew and reducing set-up/tear-down time. Shallow oil and gas contractors may benefit from the RD20 drill's patented derrick and feed system, which provides enough clearance to handle Range II casing.

SIMCO Drilling Equipment Inc.

SIMCO Drilling Equipment Inc., Osceola, Iowa, offers the 2800 HS (HT) Tophead Rotary Drill, designed to handle 10-foot drill rods for geothermal and shallow water wells. With 5,400 foot-pounds of tophead torque standard, auger drilling and soil sampling are routine. New options include the availability of the CME automatic hammer and a higher torque (7,400 foot-pounds), high-speed drillhead.

Foremost Mobile

Foremost Mobile, Indianapolis, provides the industry with its Investigator series drilling rigs for augering, direct push/probing, air/mud drilling, coring, down-the-hole and reverse circulation in a one-man package. The rigs are said to cut mobilization and labor costs and provide environmental data, geotechnical information and accurate site assessment with one man and one machine. The rigs can be mounted on any carrier, truck or trailer.

American Augers Inc.

The new DD-10 directional drill from American Augers Inc., West Salem, Ohio, has 95,000-pound thrust and pullback force and 15,000 foot-pounds of rotary torque. An on-board mud pump delivers 200-gpm at 1,200-psi to operate mud motors when drilling solid rock. The rotary carriage uses the rack and pinion system. The mechanical pipe loader basket hold 12 joints (180 feet) of pipe. Baskets can be loaded or unloaded using the onboard crane. All instruments and functions are controlled from inside the enclosed cab, which is available with heat and air conditioning. The DD-10 comes equipped with an exit side lockout system for exit side crew safety.

The Charles Machine Works Inc.

The Ditch Witch JT7020 Mach 1 horizontal directional drilling system is available from The Charles Machine Works Inc., Perry, Okla. Powered by a 261 hp turbocharged diesel engine, the JT7020 Mach 1 hydraulic system develops 70,000 pounds of pullback and 10,000 foot-pounds spindle torque. Maximum spindle speed is 210 rpm. Operation of a mud motor is facilitated by a new spindle brake feature, enhanced drilling fluid-flow facilitates and cruise control, which maintains preset thrust/pullback and rotation speed settings. Other new features include Mach 1 electronics, four-point anchoring, improved pipe-loading, heavy-duty drill pipe vise wrenches and improved automatic pipe lubrication.

Gill Rock Drill Co.

The Beetle from Gill Rock Drill Co., Lebanon, Pa., is a drill that can produce hole sizes from 4 to 24 inches in diameter. It is designed to handle your quarry drilling needs, as well as utility, construction, and environmental and water well work. The Beetle can handle slopes up to 30 degrees, and the hydraulic rotary head provides adjustable rotation from 0 to 60 rpm with torque up to 6,000 foot-pounds. The standard breakout carousel holds six pieces of 10-foot 3.5- or 4-inch O.D/ drill pipe and is attached to the mast. A power wrench, hydraulically operated and installed at the foot of the mast, eases joint breaking. A standard water injection systems helps control dust, and two or three precision metering pumps attached to the lubricator inject small flows of oil into the hammer.

Foremost Mobile

The B-31 pre-bed prospecting rigs from Foremost Mobile, Indianapolis, are intended for auger work. The compact, lightweight drill package has a heavy-duty tandem vane pump that provides 1,500 psi for pulldown and auxiliary functions, while delivering 2,000 psi to the rotation circuit. Independent circuits are designed to provide constant useable power, even in the hardest formations. The drill delivers 3,500 foot-pounds of spindle torque through its 5-speed right angle gearbox, and it develops 425 rpm in high gear to allow efficient rotary and soft formation coring applications. The hydraulic driven rotary lessens shock loading and vibration of downhole tooling.

DeepRock Manufacturing Co.

DeepRock Manufacturing Co., Opelika, Ala., offers its DR 100 hydraulic drill rig, which can be either truck- or trailer-mounted, and is designed for geothermal or small diameter water wells. It is available with many features, including deck engine(s) and down-the-hole capabilities. The drill rig also includes one-man operation with patented automatic breakout.

StraightLine Manufacturing

StraightLine Manufacturing, Newton, Kan., has introduced its Model 3550 directional drill. Powered by a 155hp turbo diesel John Deere engine, the drill has 35,000 pounds of thrust and pullback and 5,500 foot-pounds of rotary torque. The 3550 has a 60 gpm at 1400 psi on-board mud pump. The operator's seat is ergonomically designed with dual joysticks and an umbrella for comfort. The PowerLoader rod loader holds 500-feet of drill stem, and the 3550 also features independently controlled stake down screws, Auto Drill, individual rear feet for stability and Berco undercarriage.