The town of Grand Ridge is one of many communities across the state of Florida that is having a well project funded through Community Development Block Grants.

Photos courtesy of Melvin Engineering.
As the sun peers over the rows of planted pines, another day begins in northwest Florida. But this is not just any other day for the town of Grand Ridge, for the grinding sound of a drill rig has just broken the silence of the early morning.

This, as well as many other well projects across the state of Florida, are being funded through Community Development Block Grants. The northwest sections of the state have seen a great increase in both economic development and rural population growth. Through this growth has come great need to upgrade and improve current infrastructure. In many cases, though, the small cities and towns do not have the available funds to take on such projects. Through the assistance of Block Grants and other economic funding from both the state and federal agencies, the vision of this new infrastructure can be realized.

The well project was part of a total revitalization of the Grand Ridge water system, which included a well, a hydropneumatic tank, a chlorination system, new waterlines and fire hydrants. Rowe Well Drilling was the company that won the bid to construct the new well. Rowe has been drilling jurisdictional wells across the entire panhandle of Florida for many years, and has been an instrumental part in supplying drilling services for those growing areas.

Bill Nobles, the engineer of record for the project, heads up the Utility Division for Melvin Engineering of Marianna, Fla. It has been stated that through character, the men and women of Melvin Engineering accomplish the needs of these small cities and counties. Through ideals such as determination -- purposing to accomplish the goals given in the allotted time regardless of the opposition; and creativity -- approaching a need, a task or an idea from a new perspective -- the company is best able to serve these needs and to complete these projects no matter what circumstances come along. This project, just like all the others currently under construction, is a vital part of life in rural Florida. For as long as the economic and population growth continues, so will the early morning sounds of the well drillers.