When Cano Petroleum identified the area for the first infill well on its Davenport Unit in Oklahoma, things were looking “mighty pretty” - echoing the lyrics from the famous song “Route 66.” There was a sweet spot with the potential of up to 50,000 barrels of high quality 48 API crude oil accessible from this location on the property. But the sweet spot was right under the historic Route 66.

Located halfway between Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Cano's Davenport Unit straddles Route 66 - America's most famed thoroughfare, an Oklahoma-designated “State Scenic Byway” and international tourist attraction.

To access the oil, Cano conducted directional drilling right under the highway, preventing a huge traffic jam and leaving a beloved landmark untouched. This well, which marked the beginning of Cano's extensive enhanced recovery program designed to revitalize the Davenport Unit, did not obstruct passing motorists.

“Directional drilling is an effective oil recovery technique,” says Jeff Johnson, chairman and CEO of Cano Petroleum. “It is closely related to horizontal drilling, which we also plan to apply at Davenport, and can yield up to four or fives times more oil than a traditional vertical well.”

Recovering crude oil and preserving historic Route 66 is very sweet indeed for both Cano Petroleum and to those who enjoy this national treasure.