The Groundwater Foundation's 2001 National Conference will be held Nov. 14-16 in Pittsburgh. This year's theme, "Today's Technology Protecting Tomorrow's Groundwater," will focus on the importance and usefulness of today's technologies in ground water protection.

The conference will explore technological advances that enable professionals and citizens to protect groundwater more effectively. It is clear that drinking water safety is an issue of local and national concern, now more than ever. The conference program will include:

  • Plenary presentations on federal, state and local uses of technology for ground water protection

  • Presentations by youths using technology to protect local wells

  • Breakfast presentation by William Marks, author of "The Holy Order of Water"

  • Breakout sessions led by ground water and technology experts on the topics of GIS basics, applications and case studies, and Internet basics.

  • Technology exposition hosted by various technology partners

  • Use of geophysical tools, remote sensing and remediation techniques

The 2001 Conference also marks the beginning of a major new partnership between the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), The Groundwater Foundation, and the Groundwater Guardian communities. USGS and The Groundwater Foundation are forming a partnership to further enhance the scientific and technical services available to communities. USGS has agreed to co-sponsor the Groundwater Guardian program, and all of the Groundwater Guardian community teams will have opportunities to provide feedback to USGS on USGS publications, research and services.

The Groundwater Foundation also will honor the communities, affiliates and national partners that will be designated as 2001 Groundwater Guardians. The Groundwater Guardian Program supports, recognizes and connects communities taking voluntary, proactive steps towards groundwater protection. Community teams and leaders will be present to accept the awards.

The conference is sponsored in part by the following businesses and organizations: American Water Works Association, U.S. Geological Survey, ConAgra, Inc. Water Systems Council, Dow AgroSciences, Danone Water of North America, ExxonMobil, National Drinking Water Clearinghouse and Pioneer Hi-Bred.

For more information or to register for the conference, contact The Groundwater Foundation at 1-800-858-4844 or email at Conference and Groundwater Guardian information also is available on the Foundation Web site at

Sidebar: Something for the Children

The Groundwater Foundation's 2001-2002 Awesome Aquifer Club (AAC) currently is available to any interested educator. The AAC is a classroom-based program that promotes ground water education during the school year through classroom and community activities.

In addition, The Groundwater Foundation is providing a new AAC video, The Awesome Aquifer Adventure. This lively seven-minute video features "G.W." Gecko, the official AAC mascot, teaching and learning about ground water with students at the annual Children's Groundwater Festival in Grand Island, Neb. The video, which also can serve as a promotional and recruitment tool for the AAC, will be sent at no charge to the first 250 people requesting it in writing. To receive your free video, write The Groundwater Foundation at P.O. Box 22558, Lincoln, NE 68542. Please include your name, full mailing address, phone number, fax number, e-mail address and briefly describe your interest in water education. For more information on the AAC or the video, call 800-858-4844.