How much do you think about the history of the tools you use every day?

I do. A lot. So here at National Driller we’ve taken a dive into the past. Check out our Drilling Through History timeline when you get a chance. Drillers are a crafty bunch, and the history of the trade reads like a list of problems and ingenious solutions.

I highlighted two, the “Roberts Torpedo” and the first portable rotary rig from George E. Failing, in an editorial for May’s print edition of National Driller. There are many others: the four-legged derrick, drilling jars, the diamond core drill and flexible shafts, to name a few.

This brings me to a couple questions. First, what innovations most influenced the way you work? Why? Was it sonic drilling? Hands-free innovations? Split spoons? Share your experiences with the innovative products you use and can’t work without.

Second, what did we miss? Check out our Drilling Through History timeline. Did we miss an important event or innovation that you think should be on there? Let us know. We’ll research it, verify it as best we can and add it to the list. Together, we can make it more comprehensive and a real go-to source for learning about the history of this great profession.

Stay safe out there, drillers.