In Episode 110 of The Driller Newscast, join host Brock Yordy as he explores critical safety strategies for construction workers facing extreme summer heat. This episode features an engaging discussion with Kevin Austin, a seasoned geothermal drilling expert, focusing on meticulous planning and the significance of continuous communication to uphold safety standards in challenging conditions. Learn about innovative measures and practical advice to enhance worker safety during peak heat periods.

This episode covers:

  • An exciting new series, Thermal Networking, brought to you by The Driller to cover all things geothermal!
  • Managing Extreme Heat in Construction
  • Safety and Streamlining of Geothermal Teams
  • Part 2 of the interview with Kevin Austin, a seasoned expert in the geothermal sector, discussing the importance of meticulous planning, continuous communication, and uncompromised safety standards.

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