This episode of Drill Talks takes us back to Matrix Drilling Products. Here, we talk to Nate Delahunty, vice president of sales and marketing; Aaron Maurer, Western outside sales and field technician; Art Steelman, director of business development; and president Chris Delahunty. The Driller’s Brock Yordy moderates. 

This episode covers: 

  • Getting started in the drilling industry 
  • Research, development and innovation in the drilling industry 
  • Drilling as a key to many construction, infrastructure projects 
  • Sharing knowledge across the drilling industry 
  • Finding qualified, motivated people for drilling, construction work 
  • The “people” aspect of drilling and construction
  • The “difficult” conversations in the drilling industry 

Drill Talks are conversations that cover the origins, passions and expertise of people across the drilling industry. We talk to professionals working in and serving the geothermal, groundwater and geotechnical spaces, and bring you snapshots behind the scenes of some of the industry’s most trusted companies.