On this edition of Drill Talks, we welcome back the folks from Matrix Drilling Products. This time, we talk to Aaron Maurer, Western outside sales and field technician; Art Steelman, director of business development; and president Chris Delahunty. 

Listening in, you can tell they take customer support seriously, that the 90 years of experience between them can solve most any drilling problem, and that they apply that knowledge to build tooling that does that same. 

“We back up what we make,” Delahunty says confidently. “We ensure the success of the client, even through the disruption of not having it through a short period. We will move heaven and earth to make sure we make it right, because ultimately the success of that person, that entity, that group, that system parlays back to our success. That’s where we, as drillers, work for drillers.” 

This episode covers: 

  • Planning holes before you drill 
  • The “Drill Well on Paper” (DWOP) plan 
  • Drill rod and pipe care and maintenance 
  • Protecting pin threads and boxes 
  • The future of drill tooling 
  • What distinguishes quality tooling from competitors
  • Supporting drilling clients around the world 

Drill Talks are conversations that cover the origins, passions and expertise of people across the drilling industry. We talk to professionals working in and serving the geothermal, groundwater and geotechnical spaces, and bring you snapshots behind the scenes of some of the industry’s most trusted companies.