In this edition of Drill Talks, we talk to Bob Lilland, field service engineer with Franklin Electric. Lilland has a wealth of groundwater pump and motor experience, but we wanted to get technical here. How can you optimize a large groundwater pump system so that it sips energy while delivering on flow? 

“When you get into the bigger motors — you’re talking 100 horsepower — that’s a lot of power consumption there. So if we can look for opportunities to save electricity, be a little greener and save a little bit of money on that consumption, that’s a win for everybody.” 

Lilland says these strategies are particularly effective for serving larger irrigation or municipal clients. 

“There’s a point where that energy savings will pay for the whole thing down the road,” he adds. 

This episode covers: 

  • Green energies like solar and geothermal 
  • Groundwater well pump efficiency 
  • Magnet motor technologies for groundwater pumps 
  • Irrigation, municipal and other high-capacity wells 
  • Cutting energy consumption for groundwater pumps 
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