In episode 10, anchor Brock Yordy wraps up his three-part series on bringing younger generations into drilling and construction, then interviews professor Jim Smith of Ontario’s Fleming College.

“We just need the younger generation to say, ‘I could be doing this.’ We need to make the industry something that people seek after, fight to get involved in.” Smith says. Smith’s school produces dozens of trained drillers each year.

This episode covers:

  • Analyzing a workplace and jobsite for safety issues
  • The OSHA-NIOSH Heat Safety Tool App
  • The importance of recording near misses
  • Training new drillers
  • Hard skills vs. soft skills for drilling, construction professionals
  • The latest on Lake Mead and the western drought
  • An emergency drought declaration in Idaho
  • New York State’s renewable energy efforts
  • Opportunities for geothermal drillers in New York and elsewhere
  • High demand for drilling talent

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