If you’ve attended a state groundwater event in one of a half dozen states, you’ve seen Dave Schulenberg’s handiwork. The director of partner states for the National Ground Water Association (NGWA) juggles the day-to-day operations of groundwater associations in states as diverse as California, Michigan and Kentucky (as well as others). We brought him on episode 42 of Drilling In-Site to talk about how he brings it all together.

Schulenberg relies on individual boards to drive things like member education, but says demand points beyond the standards of safety, mud and pumps.

“You need to start incorporating other classes that focus on increasing business acumen,” he says. “What are you talking about with succession planning? What are you talking about your exit strategy? Yes, you can talk about OSHA updates and see all of the Darwin awards that came out for the previous year, but what is it that you’re focusing on in your own trench that keeps you and your company safe?”

Beyond training across six states, this episode covers topics like:

  • The changing roles of associations in the groundwater and drilling industries.
  • Emerging contaminants like PFAS.
  • The benefits of joining a state groundwater association.
  • Getting driller education credits in individual states.
  • Fostering networking at professional events.
  • Improving the work of state professional associations.

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