Finding, hiring and retaining skilled-trades talent tops the minds of plenty of employers in drilling, from environmental to water to geotech. For Drilling In-Site, episode 39, hosts Jeremy Verdusco and Brock Yordy explore some of these issues with Jessica Alexander, director of talent acquisition for Cascade Environmental. Alexander, a veteran human resources professional, writes the All Crewed Up column for The Driller.

“We do kind of have the revolving door mentality,” Alexander says of the drilling industry — environmental in particular. “What I notice a lot is employees that will leave the organization to work for a competitor, or even a company in another industry, because they get — let’s just say — $1 more an hour. It’s frustrating, because what happens is, I think a lot of times, as organizations we fail to communicate total rewards to our employees. It’s not about just that bottom-line pay rate.”

Of course, hiring and keeping talent involves more than communicating well and rewarding good employees. In this episode covers topics like:

  • Retention tips for drilling crews
  • “Stay” interviews with top employees and senior drillers
  • Finding skilled-trades talent in an employees’ market
  • Building a compensation package for skilled-trades workers
  • Recruiting skilled-trades workers versus office workers
  • Making the case for drilling jobs to young people

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