Solinst Canada Ltd. has added a multilevel drive-point system to its line of high-resolution vertical profiling tools, the company announced in a press release. The Model 615ML Multilevel Drive-Point Piezometer can provide several monitoring zones in one drive location, the company says.

The 615 ML Drive-Point ports have a stainless steel, 100-mesh cylindrical filter-screen and a ¾-inch stainless steel drive-point port body. The ports have a dual-barbed stem that allows the connection of either ⅜-inch OD or ¼-inch OD tubing to create up to 3 or 6 monitoring zones, respectively. Water from the monitoring zone enters the port, passes into the stem and up the attached tubing to static level. Groundwater sampling and hydraulic head measurements can be taken within the tubing using small-diameter equipment. Solinst calls the 615ML Multilevel System ideal for high-resolution vertical profiling of soil gas.

The company says the 615 ML uses the same couplings and extensions as standard 615 Piezometers, but with a drive-point tip to thread onto the first extension, or port. The drive-point ports attach to inexpensive ¾-inch NPT steel drive pipe, also similar to standard Solinst 615 installations. 

Solinst supplies ¾-inch NPT Delrin caps, and stainless steel couplings and extensions. These accessories can also be locally sourced at plumbing and hardware stores. Solinst says their Drive-Point Piezometers can be driven into the ground with any direct-push or drilling technology, including the manual slide hammer. The 21lb (9.5Kg) slide hammer and all other equipment can easily be transported in a car or truck to most sites.

The Drive-Points are designed for single-use installations, and not for removal and reuse. Solinst Drive-Point Piezometers are most often installed as permanent well points. They can also be used for temporary, short-term monitoring applications.

To learn more, visit Solinst’s website.

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