On Drilling In-Site, episode 31, hosts Jeremy Verdusco and Brock Yordy get into troubleshooting on drilling jobs. We talk a lot about equipment and safety, but what about the actual drilling work? From high pressures to over-sized cuttings, plenty of things can go wrong on a drilling project. We talk about common issues drillers face from the platform, and how to fix them.

“We get into trouble when we get laser-focused on how many feet we can get in per minute and we stop looking at our gages,” Yordy says. “Because our rotational torque will be going up. Our pressures will be going up.”

Yordy draws on experience in all sorts of areas around the world and all kinds of geologies. This talk goes deep into what can go wrong while drilling, and the importance of knowing a rig’s capabilities and not getting out ahead of them.

This episode covers topics like:

  • What an ideal well looks like
  • Bit selection
  • The importance of good cuttings flow and uphole velocity
  • Air vs. mud strategies for drilling
  • Penetration rates
  • Pressures downhole
  • Minimizing impact on the formation while drilling
  • The importance of good field notes

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