The Driller contributor and drill trainer Brock Yordy talks to the newbie drillers in his latest video, Ask Brock episode 110. What should young drillers focus on continue their skills and career development?

“Great drillers don’t have to have 25 years of experience to be a great driller,” Yordy says. “Great drillers are consistent. They’re safe. They understand when to adapt. They understand when to change drilling methods.”

Field learning is great, but consistent results require understanding the equipment and its capabilities, documenting what works and doesn’t in your field notes (you do take field notes, right?), and using that know-how to improve. That applies whether you’ve had 10 months on the platform or 10 years.

“Success and becoming a great driller is about being consistent and making smart decisions continually to finish projects safely, efficiently, on time and under budget.”

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