On episode 77 of Ask Brock, host Brock Yordy takes a question about experience. How many holes do you have to have to drill in order to become a great driller? His definitive answer is, it depends.

“It’s very easy for our industry to say that, ‘You don’t know what you’re doing yet because you’ve only been drilling for a year and a half.’ But I’ve known many great drillers who are less than 30 years old that have less than 100 wells under their belt.”

It is an evolving process, he says, based on the wells that test us and lessons we take from those to make the next well better. Being a great driller is about professional development and not just a number, he adds.

This episode gets into wells that define us, overcoming challenges in the field and a continued commitment to mastering the trade. Click above to hear more.

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