Industrial digitalization technology company Zyfra has completed the 50th installation of its drill management system (Zyfra Precision Drill) at the Berezovskiy open-pit mine, one of the leading coal producers in the Kuznetsk Basin in southwestern Siberia, Russia.

“By 2022 we plan to add our drill management solutions to 30 more locations across the globe,” says Liana Meliksetyan, chief operating officer at Zyfra. “The next step in our continuous technology development would be the upgrade to autonomous drilling, which can include teleoperation.”

In a release, Zefra says the system “increases productivity and quality of drilling operations in open-pit mines based on high-precision navigation and real-time monitoring of drilling parameters.” It says implementation of the system improves the drilling process, replacing the physical control points with automated high-precision navigation on the blasthole grid. Real-time data from drill rigs can be reported in various ways, allowing quick monitoring of drilling parameters from the machine cabin and on mobile devices, as well as analysis of rock hardness when planning the blast site.

Zyfra Mining (formerly VIST Group), a division of Zyfra, has worked in the mining industry for over 30 years. More than 100 mines use the company’s products, including fleet management systems and autonomous mining dump trucks. In the release, Zyfra says EuroChem, one of the world’s leading mineral fertilizer producers, implemented Zyfra Precision Drill and reduced idle times on average by 12 machine hours per week. Other customers, it says, cite 15% increases in drill rig productivity.

Zyfra Precision Drill can run in the Cloud or on mine servers, and can provide easy data exchange between the various parties involved with the drilling.

Zyfra offers industrial digitalization technologies for machinery, metallurgy, mining and oil & gas. The company offers mine customers predictive analytics and data analysis, process optimization, automatic fleet management and dispatch, monitoring systems for fragmentation and other parameters, autonomous and teleoperated mining equipment, and more. For more information, visit