Water and wastewater valve manufacturer Flomatic has introduced the new model Sylax 3 lug-style and wafer-style butterfly valves.

In a release, the company says the Sylax 3 has a strong ductile iron valve body, 316SS Disc standard, EPDM Seat and stainless steel stem. The valve is rated for 250 psi for both bi‐directional and dead end use, and has a 230 degree Fahrenheit (110 degree Celsius) maximum temperature rating. The Sylax 3 is NSF/ANSI 61 and 372 certified for use with ANSI 125/150# flanges, with standard curved and ergonomic handle for easy operation and standard ISO 5211 top flange for easy actuation. Available with Gear Box or several other Actuator options. The Sylax 3 is MSS SP‐67 compliant.

Flomatic says it designed the Sylax 3 for use in booster pumping systems, HVAC systems and other industrial applications where quality and higher performance are most important. Two Sylax wafer-type butterfly model are available: Model S3W wafer type and Model S3L full lug type. Models range in size range from 2- to 12-inches with standard lever handle, or optional gear operation or electric actuation.

Flomatic, based in in Glens Falls, N.Y., manufactures a ranges of valves for domestic and municipal water and wastewater applications. For more information, visit www.flomatic.com, email flomatic@flomatic.com, call 800-833-2040 or fax 800-314-3155.