The product development team at HalenHardy LLC has served up another innovative solution in response to numerous customer requests: a basic ‘no frills’ spill kit. Like the original SmooshKit, it’s designed to work outside in wet weather, deploy quickly, and is 75-percent smaller than traditional spill kits. However, this streamlined kit is tailored to the price conscious and those at lesser risk of responding to a complex spill.

“It’s been our goal to remove any barrier that keeps a vehicle or equipment operator from carrying a spill kit specifically designed to work in the harsh conditions so often present when a spill occurs,” says CEO and Co-Founder, Donny Beaver. “We recognize that while not everyone operates in a high-risk environment, all operators could find themselves in a spill situation, potentially costing tens of thousands of dollars to remediate. Our Basic SmooshKit checks all the necessary boxes at a price that’s hard to pass up.”

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