Soilmec, a subsidiary of the Trevi Group, who specializes in the design and construction of equipment and service for foundation and drilling, has produced their 5,000th large diameter piles (LDP) machine.

To celebrate the milestone, Soilmec invited the client that bought the machine, VolkerGround Engineering, to its headquarters in Italy for a ceremony. At the ceremony, a keepsake photograph was taken with the company’s employees positioned around the machine. After the photo, the 5,000th drilling rig – produced with a special livery – was set up to be delivered to England.

“We are thrilled to be handing over the keys to the SR-95, serial number 5,000, to VolkerGround Engineering at the handover ceremony held at our factory in Cesena,” says Francesco Bassi, Europe sales director of Soilmec.

“We are in a technology age where there is a lot happening, and Soilmec is improving all the time. It is critical for any business to be at the forefront of what they do,” says Brandon Ferreira, director of VolkerGround Engineering. “The rig will hopefully be starting at a project in Cardigan Bay, Wales next month… It will be doing rotary and CFA piling on the same project so the SR-95 is absolutely perfect for what we need. In regards to our London work, we are doing a lot of deep piling, so it is critical to have a rig which is capable of doing the work.”

The machine is a SR-95 drilling rig, built for large diameter piles, and one of the flagship models of the new Soilmec line. In addition to building machines for large diameter piles, Soilmec designs and produces advanced technologies for executing diaphragms and tunnels, and machines for small diameter piles and foundation cranes.

“The production of the 5,000th LDP represents not only a goal that is unmatched in the history of our sector, but also witnesses the strong vitality of the ‘Soilmec Team,’ which keeps to set itself as a benchmark in the sector of technologies for underground large-scale projects,” says Simone Trevisani, CEO of Soilmec, during the ceremony. “Soilmec has always confidently invested in people and research since we strongly believe that the present and future leadership of the company is based on these two pillars. So while we celebrate with satisfaction the goal of the 5,000th rig, which adds to 1,500 machines for microdrilling and 550 cranes, we are already driven to the development of new and more forward-looking technologies.”

According to the company, this goal was the result of the commitment of all the Soilmec employees that gave their all for the company, particularly in the last few years.

Since 1969 when it was founded, Soilmec has produced and delivered its equipment in every corner of the world, reaching more than 80 countries spread across five continents. For more information, visit