Soilmec, a company belonging to the Trevi Group, specializing in the design and construction of equipment and accessories for foundations and drilling, is celebrating the goal of the 4,000th machine produced.

“The construction of machine number 4,000,” points out Simone Trevisani, managing director of Soilmec, during the ceremony, “is not only a unrivalled result in the history of our industry, but it also bears witness to the great vitality of the Soilmec team, which continues to set the standards in the sector of technology for large subsoil operations. Soilmec has always invested with trust in people and research, out of the conviction that the company’s present and future leadership is based on these two pillars. Thus, while we celebrate with great satisfaction the target of rotary number 4,000, which joins the 2,400 machines for small drilling and the approximately 500 cranes built so far, we are already developing new, cutting-edge technologies.”