In August, Terex Utilities hosted fleet managers, technicians, purchasing managers and other attendees for the 40th Annual Terex Utilities’ Hands-On Training Seminar. The program provides essential training on the operation and examples of application of Terex Digger Derricks, Hi-Ranger Aerial Devices and Auger Drills.

Hands-On got its start in 1978 with the desire to train distributor sales representatives so that they could safely demonstrate equipment. “That first event set the groundwork for training on safety, setup, and operation, and remains a hallmark of the Terex customer experience today,” says Ken Vlasman, customer service manager.

Before he passed away, long-time employee and account manager Chuck Heath documented his memories of the original Terex Hands-On event. He recalled that sales representatives were advised to never operate equipment near energized lines, as they are not qualified to do so. Instead, they were told: “Explain your demonstrator unit to the crew and then let them use it to do their job.” Then, for today, Terex salespeople “should look, listen and learn,” he wrote.

Today, the event extends beyond sales training to assist customers, dealers and rental partners. “Whether your job is behind a desk or in energized 345 kV lines, this program has been providing fleet personnel, safety managers, mechanics, administrators and others with a valuable learning experience for four decades,” Vlasman says.

This year, more than 40 people from the U.S., Canada, China, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Ecuador participated in multiple training stations where they operated equipment and performed actual jobs under direct supervision of Terex trainers.

Digger derrick stations included digging holes, setting poles and setting screw-anchors in four directions. Aerial device stations featured changing out a transformer, and setting up and performing a three-phase lift. Other stations focused on putting a unit in service, use of auger drills and tooling selection, pole removal techniques, multi-part winch line lifting and other demonstrations. “Hands-On beats PowerPoints any day,” said one participant. While another commented that, “the trucks show their power and productivity to get the job done.”

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