The ROK 550T has been unveiled as the newest addition to the Rockmore International T Series DTH hammer line.  The Rockmore T Series DTH hammers are tubeless. They utilize drill bits with industry-standard shank connections, without the imbedded plastic blow tube/foot valve.

The new ROK 550T, a 5-inch class hammer, features high-performance drilling characteristics rated for drilling 5.5- to 6-inch-diameter holes. The ROK 550T is suitable for blasthole applications in the mining and construction sectors, and for deep hole drilling in the water well and geothermal sectors.

As with all Rockmore DTH hammers, the new ROK 550T takes advantage of Rockmore’s patented SonicFlow technology, which optimizes airflow by simplifying and streamlining the air paths to minimize back flow and turbulence. This ultimately leads to more energy to the piston.  Field testing of the SonicFlow design was determined to result in faster penetration rates and greater overall DTH hammer efficiency, Rockmore says.

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