Laibe Corporation, manufacturer of the Versa-Drill brand of drilling rigs, has announced the appointment of Marcus X. Laibe to president of the company. He succeeds his father, Mark A. Laibe, who served as president since 1987 and remains an owner of Laibe Corp., along with the chairman.

“It could not be better timing to welcome in a third generation to take the company to a new level in our industry,” Mark says.

After several years of serving the family business in a variety of capacities, the company is proud to notify the industry of the transition. Laibe Corporation was founded by Alden Laibe in 1962. He was succeeded by Mark A. Laibe in 1972. . In 1989 Mark developed the Versa-Drill brand, which it manufactures today. As president, Marcus oversees the business as chief executive officer. His new position became effective Aug. 18.

Marcus started working summers at Laibe Corp. at age 13, cleaning company trucks and the corporate grounds. Later, he worked on the floor with the mechanics to get an idea of how the rigs were put together. Then, he moved on to new and used rig, along with working in the parts department.

“I feel truly blessed for the opportunity to represent an amazing product and lead an amazing team, and I look forward to us all bringing Laibe Corporation/Versa-Drill to the next level,” Marcus says.

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