Schramm Inc. has established a partnership with DNOW L.P., a wholly-owned subsidiary under NOW Inc. of Houston, to manage its global manufacturing supply chain and aftermarket fulfillment operations.

“Given the economic challenges of the current commodity environment, we recognize that a new operating approach focused on core competencies is critical to exceed customer service expectations while driving OEM product innovation,” says Michael Dynan, Schramm’s vice president of portfolio and strategy.

The new partnership will utilize state-of-the-art inventory management solutions, workflow process improvement, information technology, physical roofline and the trademarked RigPAC to invest critical capital in having the Schramm parts necessary to support its customers as machines go back to work. The RigPAC is a mobile warehouse that operates like a vending machine that allows critical operational items to be available on demand at the customer’s site.

Additionally, the implementation of the partnership, titled “Aftermarket Reinvented; Right Part, Right Place, Right Now,” at Schramm’s global manufacturing facilities will allow the company to drive manufacturing efficiencies in scheduling, freight management and capital deployment. Full integration is expected to be complete by the end of 2016.

“This ground-breaking partnership addresses key Schramm customer needs in the areas of accelerated manufacturing timelines, parts availability through the Aftermarket Reinvented initiative and rig site access to critical spares and MRO consumables through our innovative RigPAC® solution,” says Phillip Goodwin, DistributionNOW’s director of supply chain services. “By partnering with us, operators and contractors can redeploy their capital and resources to focus on product innovation and serving their customers, creating opportunities to excel across the entire value chain.”

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