The National Drilling Association (NDA) has revealed the winners of its 2015 Safety Awards, which were presented at the 2016 National Drilling Association Annual Convention, held Sept. 15-16 in Pittsburgh. Members competed based on their 2015 safety record. Winners were required to have excellent safety records, above the average of their competitors.

The 2015 NDA Safety Award was presented to the following NDA members:

10,000-250,000 Annual Exposure Hours

  • Earth Matters Inc.
  • Frontz Drilling Company
  • Gregory Drilling
  • McCray Drilling

250,001-500,000 Annual Exposure Hours

  • Southern Earth Sciences Inc.      

Safety is a top priority for members of the NDA and this year’s winners have set a fine example for all companies in the drilling industry, the association says.

To aid in achieving the level of zero accidents that all its members aspire to reach, NDA offers safety materials such as Tailgate Safety Tips, a Drilling Safety Guide, and Safety Label kits. The safety aids are available to any company wishing to improve safety among employees.

The National Drilling Association is a nonprofit made up of contractors, manufacturers and affiliated members from the drilling industry representing the geotechnical, environmental and mineral exploration sectors. NDA’s mission is to promote the use of professional drilling contractors and their methods. For more information, visit