Mattracks, a manufacturer of rubber track conversion systems, has developed a new commercial-grade rubber track conversion system for utility work machines. It allows users to convert from tires to tracks in less than an hour. 

Features include offset rocker suspension, two-piece HD steel sprocket, rubber coated UHMW wheels and a 15-inch-wide all-terrain track with an easy steer option. The easy steer option provides simplified two- and four-wheel steering while minimally increasing the turning radius. There are 16 LiteFoot models to fit Bobcats 3400, 3400XL, 3450, 3600 and 3650.

Mattracks has been converting 4-by-4 trucks, SUV’s, tractors, ATV’s and UTV’s for the past 21 plus years. Mattracks have been sold worldwide, on every continent. The Mattracks rubber track conversion system has evolved from the original production model to a product line that can provide a track conversion system to fit many different applications. The company’s world headquarters are located in Karlstad, Minn. For more information, visit