Nidec Motor Corporation is expanding its new ACCU- Series family of variable speed products with the new AD 1000 and AD 700E variable frequency drives.

The AD1000 is a high-performance variable frequency drive that is designed to reduce energy consumption by automatically adjusting to changing operating conditions in water, wastewater, irrigation and other pump applications. Developed by pump automation experts at Nidec, the AD1000 is built with minimal maintenance in mind. The company says its flexible, modular design can be easily configured to meet the most challenging applications.

The AD700E is a general purpose drive, designed to provide precise motor control and energy savings for variable speed applications up to 30 horsepower. Its 14 basic parameters make the low-voltage drive easy to set up, the company says. Its 50 total parameters offer flexibility for a range of open- and closed-loop applications in pumps, food and beverage, packaging, conveyors, fans and more. The compact envelope of AD700E makes it usable when limited space is available. The integrated I/O, Ethernet and fieldbus communications options allow users to easily connect with the control and monitoring system

In addition, the AD700-Optistick, which is optional, copies parameters from one drive to another at the touch of a button. The AD700E drives provide control for motor types including Induction Motors, Permanent Magnet Motors, Brushless DC Motors and Synchronous Reluctance Motors.

With products in the ACCU-Series family, customers can easily match a U.S. Motors brand inverter duty motor with a drive or panel and enjoy the benefits of a motor match warranty on the drive. The warranty of the drive will increase to match that of the motor and is good for up to 36 months from the date of installation at no additional charge. Only product registration is required.

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