Nidec Motor Corporation at this year’s NGWA unveiled its new line of vertical, extra-high-thrust motors for agriculture and irrigation.

The company says it designed the new Hollowshaft Motor specifically for the demands of farmers, who increasingly have to drill deeper for water to meet their needs. The new motor joins Nidec’s U.S. Motors brand family, “which provides more NEMA Premium vertical motors to the agriculture/irrigation industry than any other manufacturer in the world.”

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association sets the standard for efficiency in electric motors.

“Nidec Motor Corporation continues to be first movers when it comes to anticipating and meeting the needs of our end users in the agriculture industry,” said Tim Albers, director of product management and OEM marketing for Nidec. “Because farmers are having to drill deeper for access to water for their crops, it’s critical that pump motors provide more horsepower and higher thrust loads imposed by the increased weight of the water column.”

The new Hollowshaft Motor is rated at 175 percent of the current high-thrust motor.

Meeting NEMA MG-1 Part 31 specifications is just the start. Nidec says the new motor goes beyond with additional features to protect it against stress. Those features include:

  • Insulated motor bearings to minimize bearing fluting from VFD-induced motor shaft currents.
  • Grounding rings for the motor shaft to guard motor and pump bearings.
  • Motor winding thermostats to address potential overheating during hot-day irrigation.
  • Space heaters to cut condensation.

Nidec now offers the motor in sizes ranging from 100 to 350 horsepower.

Nidec Motor Corporation, a division of Nidec Corporation, manufactures motors and controls for commercial, industrial and other uses. Applications range from water treatment to mining to oil and gas, among others. For more information, please visit