Geotechnology Inc. is welcoming Doug Kettle as drilling services supervisor for its Kansas City branch operations.

Kettle will be responsible for directing and managing the Kansas City drilling group, preparing proposals, project management and developing client relationships.

Kettle has been around drilling his entire life because his father was involved in the drilling industry. Originally from Colorado and having spent a lot of time in Idaho and Nevada, Kettle has 19 years of drilling experience working on projects throughout the Midwest, West, Northwest and Alaska. He is experienced in operating most CME and Mobile drilling rigs.

Geotechnology operates and maintains its own fleet of exploration drilling rigs to provide clients with drilling services. In addition to working on standard drilling projects like subsurface exploration, Geotechnology’s drilling technical group has handled a number of complex geotechnical and environmental projects, including hazardous waste sites that require various levels of personal protection. The firm also has extensive overwater drilling and sampling experience on rivers, contaminated ponds and lagoons.

Established more than three decades ago, Geotechnology Inc. is a professional corporation offering consulting services in applied earth and environmental sciences, including geophysics, water resource management, geotechnical and environmental engineering, materials testing and drilling. Geotechnology has provided expertise on thousands of major construction projects in the U.S. Geotechnology is ranked number 435 in ENR’s Top 500 Design Firms in 2016.  The firm is based in St. Louis with 10 offices in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas. For more information, visit