The Geoprofessional Business Association (GBA) has published a new guide for the in-house review of geotechnical, environmental, construction-materials engineering and testing (CoMET), and other geoprofessional reports. It is titled “GBA Guide to the In-House Review of Geoprofessional Reports.”

The new publication provides step-by-step instructions and overarching concepts for report writers and reviewers, with a focus on a report’s ability to satisfy the contractual obligations it was intended to fulfill, the quality of its technical and risk-management content, and the clarity of presentation. The new guide is supplemented with a report-control log, copies of GBA’s report-insert sheets (geotechnical, environmental and CoMET), and three best practices monographs covering “taboo” words, absolutes, and “slipshod synonyms.”

“Our Geotechnical Business Council developed the new guide for all geoprofessional practitioners based on a guide developed four decades ago just for geotechnical engineers,” says GBA Executive Director Joel G. Carson. “Despite its age, the original guide has remained relevant and popular over the years, but we knew we could make it better and fully applicable to environmental, CoMET and other geoprofessionals."

The guide is organized into three principal content areas to provide report writers with a clear framework for preparing reports and considering reviewers’ comments.

The new guide is available to nonmembers for $150. Those employed by GBA-member firms and GBA associate members may order the new guide free of charge.

Established in 1969, the Geoprofessional Business Association serves geotechnical engineers, environmental professionals, civil engineers, and construction-materials engineering and testing professionals, among other geoprofessionals. For more information, go to