Terra Sonic International has acquired Probe Technology Inc., a North Carolina-based company specializing in environmental drilling services.

“Terra Sonic's sonic drill rigs will expand the scope of projects that Probe Technology has traditionally offered beyond environmental services to now include geoconstruction, geotechnical, mineral/aggregate exploration, landfill investigation and earthen dam/levee investigation," says Bob Lauson, president of Terra Sonic International.

Probe Technology has long utilized direct push for site assessments and with clients demanding more advanced sampling technology for wider and deeper boreholes, the ability to incorporate sonic drilling into its methods is expected to be beneficial.

"Many of our clients call on us for difficult and complex direct push applications. They have also asked us to provide Sonic Drilling services which, until now, we were unable to offer,” says Mike Tynan, geologist and co-founder of Probe Technology. “Joining the Terra Sonic team will enable us to be a one-stop shop for drilling services for all of our clients."

The acquisition is not just a win for Probe Technology, according to Lauson. He says the new client base does not greatly overlap with Terra Sonic’s existing customers, so it will expand business opportunities.

"We are very proud to have Probe Technology join the Terra Sonic team and we look forward to continuing to offer the exceptional customer service for which both brands have long been recognized,” Lauson says.

Terra Sonic International, based in Marietta, Ohio, is a leading maker and servicer of sonic drilling rigs and services. To learn more, visit www.terrasonicinternational.com.