Force Chem Technologies LLC is making moves in North American shale plays with its new Force Free and Force Glide drilling fluids.

The high-pressure, high-temperature lubricants can accelerate drilling penetration speeds by as much as 400 percent while reducing bit wear.

“Our drilling fluids have been both lab and field tested with substantially superior results compared to raw materials and major competing brands of lubricants,” says Philip Bonner, Force Chem Technologies CEO. “We are more confident than ever that our drilling fluids will continue to play a vital part in shale plays across the country.”

As drilling industry members race to create the best drilling fluids for the oil boom, Force Chem’s new products are succeeding. Their proprietary technology reduces torque and drag in water and oil-based drilling mud. They also make for faster, more efficient horizontal drilling while lessening extraction costs.

Force Chem Technologies LLC is a supplier of advanced drilling lubricants based off proprietary formulas.

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