The International School started its operation in 2002. In 2005 it became an exclusive online continuing education college providing online courses to well drillers who are required to complete continuing education to renew their license.

Thirty-two states now require drillers to complete continuing education. ISWD is approved in 27 of those states, providing continuing education to thousands of well drillers annually. ISWD has partnerships with the Texas Groundwater Association, the Oklahoma Groundwater Association and the Mississippi Department of Environment Quality. These partnerships have proven to be worthwhile for both parties with online usage of continuing education for users increasing continuously since the inception of the partnerships.

ISWD has also undertaken special projects with Atlas Copco Inc. for the Catholic Relief Agencies in Nairobi Kenya, The Tampa Workforce Association, United States Air Force and Pentair Inc.

ISWD's plans for the future and exciting, developing new courses and new partnerships." For more information, email