Hayward Baker Inc. (HBI) is partnering with EOS Remediation, LLC (EOS, Raleigh, N.C.) and Chemical Grouting Co., Ltd. (CG Co., Tokyo) to commercialize the new BioJet technology. 

BioJet is co-patent-pending technology, created by EOS and CG Co. It eliminates the problem of contaminant rebound and reduces contaminant treatment time.

“Back-diffusion issues pertaining to low-permeability soils have long been a challenge in contamination treatment projects,” says George Burke, senior vice president at Hayward Baker. “This innovative technology … promises to deliver the most effective means yet to solve those challenges.”

The new BioJet technology tackles the challenge of environmental remediation in contaminated soils with low permeability due to clay and silt. It combines high velocity jetting tools, CG Co.’s geotechnical analysis and remediation products from EOS to cut circular slots into soil. BioJet makes for effective distribution of remediation products throughout low-permeability soils.

CG Co. has been in the business of foundation technology for more than 50 years, specializing in earthquake reinforcement, ground liquefaction prevention, and the remediation of contaminated soils.

EOS Remediation, LLC is a leader in in-situ remediation products and support.

Hayward Baker, a Keller Group company, has worked in ground modification and site improvement for 60 years, and offers a range of foundation support and rehabilitation services. For more information, visit www.haywardbaker.com.