, also known as the “Water Store,” has added eXact iDip to its water testing and filtration collection. The new gadget aims to make water testing more convenient and affordable.

“This water tester puts extremely sophisticated, accurate water testing technology in the hands of the average home or pool owner, allowing them to ensure their water is of high quality,” says Alex Lysov, vice president of

The eXact iDip, manufactured by Industrial Test Systems, uses a free app to send water testing information straight to smartphones. The app is currently available for iPhone users through the Apple App Store and the company is working on an expansion to Android devices.

The testing process is as simple as adding a few drops of pool or drinking water to the eXact iDip photometer along with a test strip. Then the testing results are transferred to the smartphone app. The information can be saved to the phone and organized by test date and time.

The eXact iDip is sold at the low end of the water tester price spectrum, and its photometer software will be updated as its capabilities are expanded.

“The water quality revolution is here and the iDip is an integral part of it,” says Lysov. “Everyone should have one at home or at work to ensure they know what’s in the water they’re drinking.” offers water filtration and testing equipment for homes and businesses. All products are either NSF International certified, or use NSF-certified components.