The Lone Star LS T1 Geotechnical Drill from Little Beaver gives contractors a rugged and dependable drill for standard penetration tests (SPT) and sampling through tough soils in nearly any environment. The LS T1 Geotechnical drill is mounted to a single axle-trailer that can be towed by an ATV or small truck for quick and easy maneuverability from site to site.

It comes with Little Beaver’s SSK1 kit, which includes a tower, pulley, third hydraulic valve and a steel cathead. The kit allows users to perform standard penetration tests with Little Beaver’s optional 140-pound safety hammer, split spoon samplers and AWJ drilling rod. Solid stem augers are available in 3- to 8-inch diameters, and the unit is capable of drilling 6-inch boreholes down to 100 feet. Little Beaver also offers two sizes of hollow stem augers that can drill down to 60 feet. The unit’s hinged shuttle plate allows users to swing the rotary aside for quick and easy access to the borehole.

The drill’s bypass flow control system gives users control, and allows them to make precise adjustments to achieve the necessary push-down force in challenging soil conditions. The drill’s 5,000-pound lifting capacity allows for easy removal of augers and extensions, and the optional anchor kit enables the unit to deliver even more force to push beyond the trailer’s weight. The LS T1 is powered by a 20-horsepower Honda gas engine and features a powerful 3,000-psi hydraulic system. The hydraulic power pack operates at 10 gpm to achieve a rotary speed of 150 rpm.

The LS T1 is mounted on a rugged, lightweight, single-axle trailer that is equipped with a 2-inch hitch, three leveling jacks and a spare tire. Little Beaver also offers specially designed frames that allow users to mount the unit into the bed of a small truck for fast maneuverability. The frames feature jack legs that stabilize the drill when it’s mounted to a truck with a softer suspension. The LS T1 Geotechnical drill has a hydraulic lift cylinder that raises and lowers the mast, which also can be folded down when the unit is moved. It can be shipped fully assembled in a 20-foot container or knocked down and palletized for transportation by standard truck or ocean freight.

The drill features an optional interchangeable head that allows operators to switch between auger drilling for soil sampling and SPT testing to mud rotary drilling for water wells. The unit’s three-way ball valve allows the operator to bypass the mudflow when changing the drill pipe, eliminating the need to shut down the mud pump.

Little Beaver designed the LS T1 for longevity and ease of use. The frame, rotary and swivel are constructed of high-strength welded steel for enhanced durability, and all crucial maintenance and greasing points are easily accessible. The drill also comes equipped with assembly tools for fast and easy setup.

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