Enteq Upstream, which offers systems for measurement while drilling (MWD) and directional drilling, has merged its Extended Exploration Technology (XXT) and KM Services (KMS) units into a new Enteq Drilling division.

“The formation of the new division represents our continual push for quality and integration across our range of products and reflects the increasing levels of collaboration and cooperation between XXT and KMS, which were acquired by Enteq in 2012,” said Martin Perry, Enteq Upstream chief executive officer. “The growth potential for Enteq Drilling is vast, and we expect additional parallel divisions and product lines to evolve from this division in the future.”

Previously, Extended Exploration Technology provided downhole tools, surface gear and surface software for MWD in the horizontal and directional drilling markets. KM Services manufactured MWD components for the upstream oil and gas sector.

Enteq Drilling will be based in Houston, Santa Clara, Calif., and Calgary, Alberta. Manufacturing will be focused in Houston. The division’s California offices will work to support the company’s flagship XXT MWD products. Regional sales and support will be done through both Houston and Calgary. The new business unit will offer a range of measurement while drilling systems, in addition to products such as float valves, MWD parts, mud motor parts, sand screens, kit boxes and racks.

Enteq Upstream says the merger of services and technology will allow it to better supply, rent and support a range of MWD systems.

 Enteq Upstream PLC serves the global oil and gas industry with products and services for measurement while drilling and directional drilling. It trades on the London Stock Exchange under the letters NTQ. For more information, visit www.enteq.com