In the Swedish city of Gothenburg, a special Terracon piling project has been implemented, a venture that other parties did not dare attempt – to bring the driving piles to a depth of 400 feet. The project was complicated because stringent transport restrictions are in force in this, the second largest city in Sweden. This means that any transport cannot be longer than 46 feet. Terracon received a request from Skanska Sverige AB to execute this very special piling work in the heart of Gothenburg for the extension of the existing community hall.

The project involved torque-driving eight pieces of precast piles to a depth of 400 feet. Due to weight and transportation restrictions, Terracon had its F3500 Fundex equipped with a hammer – Junttan HHK12A – for this purpose. After driving to the segments, each approximately 50 feet, they were provided with sensors for monitoring, and piling could start. Within two weeks, all eight piles were driven into the ground, reaching 341 feet at the deepest. Although the 400-foot depth never was reached, the test can be regarded as successful. This was a new adventure and experience – and also an especially good reference for Terracon.