Santa Fe Petroleum Inc. reported this week good progress on its fracking/completion test well in central Texas.

Chairman Tom Griffin said "our test well project is progressing as expected. We have installed a pump unit to remove approximately 5,300 barrels of water from the well that was injected during the fracking process.” The company had said previously that technical difficulties with the well bore caused delays, but that the operational team was confident excess water could be removed in 10 to 15 days.

“The water is currently being produced or removed at a rate of approximately 200 to 250 barrels per day,” Griffin said. “Therefore, it will take approximately another 10 to 15 days to remove the remaining water. However, with the well pressure being approximately 800 pounds when shut-in for 24 hours, the well could begin to flow on its own before all the injected water is removed.”

“Also, it is encouraging to see a significant amount of gas being produced from the test well, along with the frack water."

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