PND Engineers Inc, headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska, has developed a 1:50 scale physical model of Kodiak, Alaska’s Pier 3 that is being tested in a 3-D wave basin at Texas A&M University. Wind, waves and currents generated in the wave basin are testing a container ship moored at the planned replacement pier. Ship motions are measured using an optical tracking system, similar to the motion-capture systems used in Hollywood films. Loads in the mooring lines and fender reaction forces also are measured. Both a pile-supported pier and a solid-fill pier, constructed using OPEN CELL bulkhead technology, will be tested.

This complex, multi-disciplinary investigation into ship motions at the replacement pier includes computer modeling and field measurements of waves, currents and water levels.

Pier 3 is a vital transportation connection for the City of Kodiak. The PND-led team is helping ensure the replacement pier will meet everyone’s needs.