The latest hydro vac offering from Super Products LLC is the Mud Dog 1200.

The latest hydro vac offering from Super Products LLC – the Mud Dog 1200 – offers a 12-yard collector body and features that include a water-jetting and air flow combination, wide boom range of motion, and a debris-unloading system. Designed, engineered and built as a result of direct input from contractors specializing in a wide variety of hydro excavation services, the Mud Dog 1200 offers a standard water tank capacity of 1,000 gallons and a pump rated at 14 gpm at 3,000 psi for digging performance.

An onboard boiler can sufficiently heat the water to break up frozen ground and materials, making operation in cold, harsh environments possible. Its positive displacement vacuum pump offers air flow rated at 5,800 cfm/28-in. HG to remove even the most stubborn material and debris. The rear-mounted, eight-foot telescoping boom found on the Mud Dog 1200 can reach 19 feet to 27 feet, rotate up to 335 degrees, and pivot downward 25 degrees, allowing operators to cover a large work area without the need to halt operation to reposition the truck. For debris tank unloading and cleanout, the Mud Dog 1200 features Super Products’ ejector plate technology and the ability to raise the collector body two feet to tilt. This debris removal system can be operated where overheard obstructions may present difficulty for traditional dump body hydro excavators.

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