The Solinst BioBailer is a sturdy, yet green solution, for sampling. The BioBailer and all of its packaging are biodegradable.

The BioBailer is a low-cost, disposable bailer made of biodegradable PVC. Solinst says the BioBailer features a high-quality, rigid body that will not bend. The bailer’s top and bottom are both tapered to prevent hang-ups in the well, and the top has a sturdy handle for a suspension cord. Standard bailers have a 1.5-inch-by-3-foot (38-millimeter-by- 91.5-centimeter) body to hold more than one liter of sample. The transparent body allows a visual check of contents. Dense PVC design eliminates the need to use weights in most groundwater sampling applications. The BioBailer, its included sample release device and all packaging are biodegradable. For details, contact or visit