Skanska is sincerely grateful to confirm the fact that its Peruvian employees taken hostage April 9 in Kepashiato, Peru, have been released and are in good health. “It is hard to express the relief and comfort I feel over the fact that our colleagues now can reunite with their families and return home," says Johan Karlström, Skanska’s president. “It is with the deepest gratitude that we would like thank our client Transportadora de Gas del Perú, the Peruvian government, and Construcciones Modulares for their invaluable cooperation. We also would like to express our most sincere condolences for the deceased Peruvian Army Captain Nancy Flores Paucar, and hope for the prompt recovery of those injured as a consequence of violence carried out.”

Shining Path rebels kidnapped the workers, and demanded a one-time payment of $10 million, and an annual $1.2 million payment, along with weapons and ammunition. Some 1,500 Peruvian troops closed in on the rebels, who fled and left behind their captives.