Bio-Microbics, Shawnee, Kan., has been honored with a 2011 New Product of the Year Award for its BioBarrier Membrane BioReactor (MBR) system for onsite water-reuse applications. Environmental Protection magazine’s New Product of the Year Award honors the outstanding achievements of industry manufacturers whose products are considered particularly noteworthy.

Water recycling can have a major effect to reduce potable water consumption for non-potable water uses. Once the pollutants and contaminants are removed from the wastewater from homes and commercial properties, the resultant water then can be used again and again. These are called decentralized wastewater treatment systems, which Bio-Microbics manufactures. The MBR is the first system to earn NSF/ANSI 350 Water Reuse certification

Sherleen Mahoney, web managing editor ofEnvironmental Protection, says, “The protection of our environment is no easy task. It requires a collective effort by regular people and industry professionals alike. When product innovation comes along that makes environmental professionals’ jobs a little easier, we want to celebrate that. Environmental Protection is pleased to honor Bio-Microbics with a well-deserved New Product of the Year Award for its BioBarrier MBR System.”

As one of the first systems to comply with water-reuse standards, the goal of the BioBarrier MBR System is to use decentralized treatment technology for the benefit of reducing fresh water consumption by circulating treated effluent back to the building for non-potable water usage, and minimizing the discharge of wastewater into the environment. Integrated systems with reuse opportunities can contribute more to water savings than water-conserving fixtures. As water recycles through the system, allowing for less dependence on potable water sources, treated wastewater (i.e. treated effluent) can be used for popular water reuse techniques, like toilet flushing and lawn irrigation.