The Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) is accepting nominations for its Distinguished Service Award. An eligible recipient shall be a contractor, engineer, educator, inventor, researcher, equipment manufacturer/supplier or materials producer/supplier, who has made exceptionally valuable contributions to the advancement of the deep foundations industry. The awardee can be in an active job position or retired. Posthumous nominations also are acceptable. He or she must be of good moral character, and not in a position to reward anyone for selecting him or her as an awardee. He or she need not be a member of DFI.

Nominations must be made prior to Jan. 31. Persons making a nomination must be a DFI member in good standing. Those nominations will be considered by the Award Committee based on the following criteria: duration of career in industry, industry leadership, technological leadership, technological innovation, strength of curriculum vitae, character, DFI contributions and accomplishments, and contributions to the advancement of the deep foundations industry. Current year nominations will be considered along with nominees from the past two years. Following three years of consideration, a nominee shall be dropped from the list, but shall remain eligible for re-nomination in subsequent years.