Daniel Brockett, a drilling and mining supply executive, has launched BX Drilling Supply in Boise, Idaho. BX Drilling Supply offers a diverse range of products and supplies, as well as logistics support, supply chain management and inventory management to the drilling and mining industry.

“After spending nearly a decade in the drilling and mining industry, it became evident to me that there is a need for a supply source that is responsive, nimble and reliable,” says Brockett. “At BX Drilling Supply, we want our customers to know that they can count on us for superior customer service, exceptional quality and support well beyond our products.”

BX Drilling Supply provides equipment and supplies for a wide array of drilling projects, including environmental, water well, mineral exploration, construction and horizontal directional drilling throughout North and South America. The company’s product list includes core boxes, drill rods, casings, hammers, hammer bits, tricones, diamond core bits, drilling fluids, cement, compressors, drill rigs and support equipment. Brockett also offers inventory management to ensure proper inventory levels, cost-benefit analysis to assess cost-per-foot and measure productivity, and logistics support and supply chain management.

More information about BX Drilling Supply is available at the company’s Web site:www.bxdrillingsupply.com.