The Doosan Tundra Package can be purchased as a factory add-on, or as an aftermarket package.

Doosan Portable Power has introduced a Tundra Package for its generators, a collection of features designed to ensure operation in the most extreme, coldest environments. The package includes features to improve engine starting and reliability for temperatures as low as -40 Fahrenheit.
“The Tundra Package is designed to provide peace of mind for mobile generator operators located in remote, frigid conditions with additional assurance their generator won’t fail them,” says Todd Howe, manager, global generator products, for the Statesville, N.C., company.
“The fear that a generator won’t start-or operate properly for that matter-and provide the power that is essential to their operation can all but be alleviated with the addition of the Tundra Package. We see this as being especially valuable in many remote oil drilling areas of the Northern U.S. and Canada.”
The package includes an engine coolant heater for quicker starts and less battery grind, as well as an oil pan heater to keep engine oil less viscous, meaning faster circulation throughout the engine and less wear on vital components. It also includes high-capacity cranking batteries equipped with heating elements to prevent the electrolyte from freezing. And a battery charger is included to ensure sufficient cranking amps for ultra-cold conditions.
The Tundra Package is a factory option on all new generators made in the United States and Canada, or as an aftermarket add-on for existing Doosan generators. Doosan can also customize the Tundra Package to meet needs of individual customers, or for specific applications.
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